XMPP Today I’ve made first steps in developing the small jabber client that would suite my needs. I know it sounds retarted: just one more client, but I have tried almost all of them and hadn’t found my “silver bullet”. As far as I want it to be GTalk-compatible, the libjingle seems to be the only choice for the backend. The general build of this library runs smoothly as long as you follow the instructions in readme file ­čÖé The first problem that had risen was how to use libjingle in the managed application.

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I’ve finally managed to completely rewrite our build script using CruiseControl.NET and MSBuild (previously we used FinalBuilder 5, but decided to leave it because of various reasons). The work itself was really interesting as far as I’ve never used MSBuild before. Well, ok, we did use it always when building .Net part of our application, but that was really behind the scenes and we have┬ánever┬áchanged┬áanything┬ámanually in .vcproj files.

At first I was really optimistic about writing all the stuff for our build solely on CCNet, but it appeared impossible because of its poor handling of user-defined variables and lack of flexibility for custom operations. That was the point where MSBuild helped a lot (take a look at Simple MSBuild Project tutorial to see what it looks like). I will describe several situations where I had to find own solution below.

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