Welcome to my portfolio

Here is the list of that projects I've been involved in and have a right to share. Some of them are the ones I've done as freelancer, while others were my own, usually non-commercial, projects.

Website: woody-mebel.com.ua

This is a online business card/portfolio website for young and emerging Furniture Salon “Woody” (Kyiv, Ukraine). The requirement was to make a modern look to draw younger customers, yet keep it solid and usable for everyone. The website uses responsive design which means it always looks nice independently on what device one is using: PC/Mac/iPad/iPhone/Android phone, etc.

Website: geosyncr.com

This site is for the people like me, who usually uses photocamera and GPS Navigator separately, but would like to have their photos geotagged on Flickr. Initially it was a simple tool for myself, but I decided to polish it a bit and share with everyone.

Website: Ashenwolf’s portfolio

The original Wordpress theme you can see on this site. It is partially compatible with the Slimmity Simplefolio Wordpress theme as far as it was used here before, but I wanted to make a little bit more clean look and feel.

Website: latitude2brightkite

Web-application built on Google App Engine platform designed to cross post your geolocation from Google Latitude to Brightkite for those who don’t have native Brightkite applications. Uses oAuth, Brightkite API and Google Maps API.

Website: Kendo, Iaido and Jodo Federation of Ukraine

The official site of Ukrainian Kendo, Iaido and Jodo Federation. The work includes the website design, Wordpress theme and initial set up of the engine and plugins. The work is still in progress.

Website: Kyiv Kendo Federation

The official website of Kyiv Kendo Federation. The work included the website design, Wordpress theme and initial set up of the engine and plugins.

Website: Darkfall Online UA

An information website for about Darkfall Online: Unholy Wars for ukrainian players. Uses the customized Charred wordpress theme. The SMF forum engine is used for player communication.