This is a online business card/portfolio website for young and emerging Furniture Salon “Woody” (Kyiv, Ukraine). The requirement was to make a modern look to draw younger customers, yet keep it solid and usable for everyone. The website uses responsive design which means it always looks nice independently on what device one is using: PC/Mac/iPad/iPhone/Android phone, etc. Also it should be SEO-friendly (which meant usage of semantic HTML and stuff). As far as the operators of the site are not very technical people, managing information had to be smooth and easy.

Project info

  • Website:
  • Platform: Google App Engine
  • Used tools/libraries/technologies: Python, Google Maps API, jQuery and plugins
  • Key highlights: Valid HTML5, Zurb Framework used for rapid prototyping and responsive design (for smooth view on PC, iPads and mobile devices), heavy memcached usage to reduce service load and keep operational costs low.